first aid training south london
first aid training south london

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Our Company

The importance of first aid training, health & safety training and fire safety training cannot be overstated. Giving your employees the knowledge and skills to react in the right way if there is ever an emergency makes your company stronger and better. Safeguarding your employees and their workplace shows your commitment to their safety, wellbeing and comfort, and this will only lead to better productivity and efficiency.

At SafeTraining2U we are here to prepare your employees for any eventuality so that they have the knowledge and the confidence to react the right way, every time. We deliver training courses for businesses, public organisations and private individuals. Our trainers come from various training background and vocations and include individuals who have worked in construction, offices, education, retail and care homes. This means that they will tailor the course so that it is always relevant and applicable to your industry.

At SafeTraining2U, we believe in providing a safe, fun and interesting environment in which everyone can learn about fire safety, mental health and first aid. We can deliver these courses whenever it is convenient for you and will return to provide a refresher to ensure that your company is always prepared. So to book your place for first aid training in South London, Central London and the UK, please get in touch with us at SafeTraining2U.

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Our Values

We Are a Family Run Business

We believe that first aid training is an invaluable skill, and to ensure that your staff are adequately trained it is important that you retrain new staff and provide refresher courses. So our services do not end when the course is over and for all of our 3 day courses we include a refresher session within the cost of the training course. We will return after a year and make sure that all of your staff are still prepared and have the confidence to deal with any eventuality.

To Give You Confidence

It can be daunting learning about fire safety or mental health, so we structure our courses in a way which is practical, relevant and easy to understand. We aim to give your staff not just the right skills and knowledge, but the confidence to use these in the right way. Our combination of hands on learning with experienced instructors will make sure that if there is any emergency situation, your staff will know just what to do. 

Relaxed Learning

We believe that you are more likely to remember things if you are in a relaxed environment. So, whether you are learning about mental health, fire safety or first aid for young people, our instructors will always be approachable, friendly and ready to put you and your staff at ease, making your training session totally enjoyable.


If you would like to book one of our courses for mental health training, health & safety training or first aid training in South London, Central London and the UK, please get in touch with us at SafeTraining2U.

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