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Health & Safety Training, Fire Safety Training And First Aid Training In South London, Central London And The UK


First Aid Training

Our first aid training courses will give your staff the confidence and skills so that they will be able to respond to any life threatening situation. Whether your company works in the construction, education or health sector, there is always the potential for an emergency situation to develop and we will empower your staff so that they can administer basic life support and first aid. We have a range of refresher sessions and extensive courses suitable for all levels of first aiders. To find out more about our first aid training in South London, Central London and the UK, please get in touch.

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  • Emergency First Aid at Work – FAA Level 3 Award (1 Day) £55    Recommended
  • First Aid at Work – FAA Level 3 (3 Days) £150   Recommended
  • Annual Refresher for First Aiders (½ Day) £45
  • Activity First Aid – FAA Level 3 Award (2 Days) £85
  • Appointed Person (2 Hours) £30
  • Basic Life Support (3 Hours) £40
  • Basic Life Support & AED (4 Hours) £45
  • FAW Re-Qualification – FAA Level 3 (2 Days) £90
  • First Aid Risk Assessment – FAA Level 2 Award (1 Day) £55

**All our prices are based on our trainers delivering training sessions in your workplace, for ‘out of hours’ training, please contact us.

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first aid training in south london


Fire Safety Training

It is important that in the event of a fire your employees respond quickly without panicking. Our fire safety courses will provide your staff with a range of skills that will enable them to respond to a fire in the workplace. Your employees will be able to understand fire risks, use fire extinguishers as well as learn the best way to evacuate a building. When the course is finished your staff will have the confidence to fight small fires, direct colleagues and conduct effective fire drills.

  • Fire Safety – FAA Level 2 Award (1 Day) £75
  • Fire Safety Awareness – FAA Level 1 Award (½ Day) £45

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fire safety training in south london


Health & Safety Training

If you want to ensure that your employees are protected and that your workplace is always safe then you need to give your staff the right training. Our courses cover a range of topics including handling heavy loads, worker protection and fundamental health & safety. Our courses will ensure that your company is compliant with all health & safety legislation and make your workplace a safer place for your employees.

  • Health & Safety in the Workplace – FAA Level 1 Award (1 Day) £55
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace – FAA Level 2 Award (½ Day) £100
  • Manual Handling – FAA Level 2 (½ Day) £100

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Mental Health Training

Issues with mental health affect a sizable portion of the population and yet many people are still unaware of what to do when someone they know is suffering from difficulties. If one of your employees is suffering from mental health problems, the best course of action is to assist them in finding the right support. Our mental health courses will give your staff an understanding of mental health so that they know the signs to look out for. Your staff will also be able to support colleagues and direct them to get help if necessary.

  • Mental Health Awareness (½ Day) £60
  • First Aid for Mental Health (1 Day) £85
  • Supervising First Aid for Mental Health (2 Days) £145

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first aid and mental health training in south london



First Aid Training for Parents, Teachers and Carers

Our first aid training for children and babies will be suitable for any individuals who work in nurseries, schools and sports clubs. You may even be a parent who would simply like to know what to do in an emergency with your young one. From basic life support to emergency paediatrics our courses will give attendees the confidence to deal properly with any life threatening situation. To book your spot for young people’s first aid training in South London, Central London and the UK, please contact us at SafeTraining2U.

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  • Paediatric First Aid (Teaching First Aid to Adults Looking After Children Birth to 11) – FAA Level (2 Days) £50 per day
  • Paediatric Emergency First Aid – FAA Level (1 Day) £55
  • Kiddy Medics (Fantastic Training for Schools – Teaching First Aid to Children – First Aid on Other Children and Adults) - Ask for prices

To book your mental health training, fire safety training or first aid training in South London, Central London and the UK, please get in touch with us at SafeTraining2U.

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